Event Catering

It's YOUR event!

Whether you are planning your Wedding desserts, a baby shower, a large corporate event, or just simply want a large dessert spread for a get together, we aim to have something that will work for everyone! Your dessert table can be put together with the packages below. Base items are included, and an additional fee can be added for the premium items. 

Basic Package:
The "Basic"  Package brings our 4 base items to the table. You can go with the basic items below, or upgrade from the premium list. The Basic Package starts at $4 per person, for a minimum of 15 people.  
A Little More Package:
The "A Little More" Package brings our 4 basic items to the table plus 2 of our premium items.  You can pick your 2 premium items from the premium list below. This package starts at $7 per person, for a minimum of 15 people.  
Let's Go All Out:
The "Let's Go All Out" brings all 4 basic items, plus 4 of the premium items to the table. You can pick which premium items you would like, or add the fifth for an additional fee. This package starts at $10 per person, for a minimum of 30 people. 
Basic Items:
Brown Butter SnickerDoodle Cookies 
Dark Salted Caramel Cookies
Mars Bar Rice Krispie Treats *
Tablet *
Millionaire Shortbread Slices *
Premium Items:
Carrot Cake Bundt Cakes *
Mini Victoria Sponge Cakes
Empire Biscuits *
Millionaire Shortbread Cups
Mini Cheesecakes (Original, Strawberry, Chocolate, Sopapilla)
Cake Hearts (Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookie Dough, Funfetti) *
Mini Cupcakes
Brunch Tables ($5 per person)
Scones *
Muffins (ask for flavors)
Should you wish to add cake(s) to your package, we have a number of options available. 
Tiered cakes -
$3 per slice - non decorated
$4 per slice - decorated
$5 per slice - Gluten Free
Sheet cakes
Quarter sheet - $30
Half sheet - $50
*(GF available)