Event Catering

It's YOUR event!

Whether you are planning your Wedding desserts, a baby shower, a large corporate event, or just simply want a large dessert spread for a get together, we aim to have something that will work for everyone! Your package comes completely customizable with tons of bakery goods to choose from!

It is our goal to offer an option for every budget. Our items start out at $1 and go up to $5 depending on what you choose. You will see items you are familiar with, but we also make unique desserts based off of treats you would get if you were to sit down in a British Café!

Don't want to buy all the platters and stands for your dessert table? We have a variety of options that you can rent for the day of. We can also deliver everything to your venue, and set up your table so that you have one less task to worry about the day of!

Looking for some ideas of cake stands plates to purchase yourself? Here are a few of my favorites.

Tiered Cake Stand - This pretty stand made by Wilton is a great option for those High Teas, or Afternoon Teas that you plan for a baby or bridal shower. It will also work great on your dessert table for a wedding. 

Staggered or Seperate Cake Tiers - Whether you want to raise your table for some layers, or just want multiple stands, this set will flow well with the above-mentioned tiered rack. Available in multiple colors, I have also spray painted these myself! If you go that direction, make sure to use parchment paper, paper cases or doilies to protect the food as most paints aren't food safe. 

For more ideas, be on the lookout for a blog post coming soon with some different dessert table layouts, and links to items similar to the ones I have used!



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